Cleanliness and excellence of our products are our conscience.

We are working hard to keep all parts of the production process cleaner, including people, spaces, and equipment.
We are doing our best to manage facilities and facilities every year with the heart of a family that makes food that goes into our mouths rather than the conscience of a company that produces food products. It is a long-standing belief and promise between customers and Sejun F&B that we will make more delicious and high-quality products through the advice of professional organizations.

Warehouse management
When each raw/sub material is received, strict inspection is carried out in accordance with the respective evaluation standards.

All subsidiary materials supplied to Sejun F&B are carefully selected food materials based on years of experience and have the level of quality control that has been delivered to large corporations and government offices. We are doing our best to reduce the defective rate every year by inspecting the strict country of origin management and distribution process.

Process management
We are managing the production process according to the processing standards for each manufacturing process.

After the inspection of subsidiary materials, we prepare a management standard table for each process and a sanitary condition table every day to prevent problems that may occur during production. The manager directly checks the management standard table and the hygiene status table, and every year, it is requested to a specialized agency to find a more progressive direction.

Product management
Only excellent products that have passed biohazard analysis and sensory testing are shipped.

After production and before shipment, we review all processes once again and analyze ingredients to make safer and better food. We will become a company that does its best to provide better products to consumers through continuous research and development every year.