Hygiene everywhere you touch​

We are keeping all the principles of hygiene management from a small place with the heart of delivering food directly to our customers with our own hands.
We strive to prevent any contamination that may occur in the process of our handmade products before they reach the customer’s hands. Products with a long shelf life and good preservation must be clean from the time they are made. It is a company that does not neglect the smallest details, not only the clothes of its employees, but also the air they breathe and the circulatory system inside the factory.

Sanitation room(1)
When entering the site, switch to sanitary shoes, remove foreign substances from sanitary clothes and wash hands.

Before entering the workplace, change all the clothes you have worn outside and wash your hands, which are exposed and easily contaminated. Basic hygiene procedures to remove visible contaminants and foreign matter.

Aerial spreader
Removes factors that may adversely affect product quality by blocking even fine dust.

The increased shelf life and superior quality do not come from preservatives. You can completely block the growth of microbes by making sure that the product is not contaminated from the beginning. Removes all airborne infectious agents.

Sanitation room(2)
Removal of biological hazards and disinfection of boots and aprons with a systemic disinfectant.

Everyone who enters the workplace goes through the secondary sterilizer and finally enters the workplace. Sterilize everything from the sole of the shoe to all sides of the apron to remove all pollutants coming in from the outside.