Tteok is the representative food culture of Korea that came from history

If the material is good, the product is good! It starts with carefully selected rice.

Rice can be easily different in taste depending on how it is stored. Sejun F&B’s rice, which is the main raw material used for making rice cakes and nurungji, is stored separately in a napmi storage, and only the cleanest and healthy rice is selected and used through a stone mill and color sorter just before production.

Sejun F&B's rice cake manufacturing process is based on cleanliness.

The rice cake manufacturing process, which consists of a total of 6 stages, starting with semi-soaking and refrigerated ripening, is automatically produced in a factory equipped with the latest equipment and delivered to customers.



We use only rice that has been strictly washed with clean water in Gangwon-do at Sejun F&B’s manufacturing plant, which is equipped with HACCP facilities.



In order to make the grinding and steaming process smoother, the rice begins to be soaked in clean water with an appropriate strength.



This is the process of pulverizing soaked rice into powder.



After steaming the rice powder, it undergoes 1st and 2nd molding to produce a desired shape of rice cake.



The molded rice cake is refrigerated and aged at a low temperature to make it easier to eat and make the original taste of rice more fragrant.



We make rice cake products that can be sold to consumers through inner and outer packaging.